I’m Alex Arena. I screencast and run Bits Please. In my down time I publish this blog, it’s written on Stephen King’s ideal reader principle, hoping that you might take interest in the same things I do. If that’s the case, I’d encourage you to follow me on Twitter and subscribe using RSS.

The Site

This site runs on Tumblr with a slightly modified version of the awesome Feather 2.0 theme. It’s set in Georgia, so I’m not exactly breaking the mold there, either. I don’t have comments but feel free to shoot me an email or a message on Twitter if you’d like to discuss what I’ve written.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of things I’ve liked on Tumblr.

The Gear

Most short linked posts come from my iPhone 5, while anything longer than about a paragraph or so comes from my 15 inch Macbook Pro — it’s really great. I haven’t found a Mac app for publishing to Tumblr that I love, so for the time being, I’m writing in Markdown via their web interface.


Email: im (at) alexarena dot com

Office Phone: 484-693-0787


I use an Amazon Affiliate link whenever I link to an Amazon product. If I receive a beta invite, promo code, or review unit I’ll disclose it at the bottom of a post. While I appreciate them, they in no way influence my opinions and/or writing. I don’t own stock in any of the companies I cover, and I don’t plan to buy any. In short, I try to be honest and up-front in my writing and I try to avoid (or disclose) any conflicts of interest. Advertisements and sponsorships are rare and only from companies I love.


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